Project Spectrum Solutions

Our quest to find the perfect solution to high-technology project management has been relentless over a 20 year period. Such a quest has no final destination; it is a continuing journey. So how do we help high-technology companies? Unlike any other project management model, we have developed a spectrum of flexible solutions, which can be tailored to your individual needs. Our products and services include:

  • Interim project or programme management – especially for strategically important projects and recovery projects
  • Consulting – development of bespoke project lifecycles, and product development systems
  • Training – a broad portfolio of high-technology project management courses
  • Mentoring – for project and programme managers
  • Educational products – from seminars to written and multimedia products

Our comprehensive range of solutions can be adapted to fit your immediate and ongoing needs. All solutions are carefully integrated with your specialist technical environment, your business management needs, and your external market and customer pressures. We possess extensive knowledge of high-technology product development as well as a strong background in business strategy and planning. We take into account the size of your organisation, your rate of growth, and your current familiarity with project management methodology.

What differentiates us primarily is that all are solutions have an applied nature rather than being in a pure form. Secondly, we endeavour to deliver solutions which are applicable to your development environment.

So whether you need to get new products delivered to market on time, or you would like to cut several years off your project management learning curve, we have the spectrum of services to help. Our intervention can be as little as two hours for a consultation on a specific project management issue, to nine months managing an intensive project or programme.


Interim Project or Programme Management

Project Management Consulting

Project Management Training




Educational Seminars